Steampunk fun! A review of Webley and the World Machine

9BD9F1D3-1D96-480F-9EB6-C869AF02DBDD.jpegAs I settled in for a nice traditional old century Steampunk story, I was quickly thwarted when I discovered that Webley is not traditional, but… it is fantastic. Read on.

The main characters Adal and Arija are the lead in, to this engaging tale. Arija is a feisty and fun accomplice to Adal who right off suffers tragedy which leads into the greatest adventure of his life.

The story pulls along at just the right pace, with each corner holding something new. A solid tale gives you reasons to ask questions and then answers them in a timely manner, I think that’s what keeps the story going smoothly.

I was breathless as I got caught up in their world, with mysterious places, hidden symbols and gears galore, it’s hard not to feel a sense of wonderment along with Adal and Arija as they explore and learn about where they are. I found myself caught up in the fairytale-esque quality of it, and it’s probably the reason I love Steampunk so much, there’s always a touch of magic that lures you in, and in this case it’s truly marvelous.

This is the kind of story that readers and writers both long to find, because it inspires imagination and tugs at the childish recesses of our mind, the places long since covered with dust as we settle into adulthood and forget how magical it is to dream and imagine.

It had a touch of Howl’s Moving Castle to it, and I can score it no less than 5 shiny stars for this magical and enchanting read.

A well-done tale!

Webley and the World Machine


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