From ‘The Dragon Lady’ by Angelique Anderson

An excerpt from The Dragon Lady!

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I am not the Siapheg! The realization was like a drink of the finest wine, and she blinked away a tear, so overtly thankful that she did not possess such evil inside of her. The only problem, she now realized, was that she must now discover who the dark one is so she can put a halt to the suffering it may bring. The tingling eased off, and she sat on the edge of her father’s bed completely transformed.

“Why, I’m no larger than a house cat. How strange.”

“Not so strange, young Teselym.”

“Huh?” Wylie jumped up, alarmed by the sound of another’s voice. She promptly lost her balance, and tumbled off the bed. She hit the floor with a solid thunk.

“Don’t worry Teselym; your body is capable of many beautiful and magnificent things. Your size will adapt to your circumstances once you leave this room. You can…

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