Shane’s Book Club TV


Shane’s Book Club

So, I had the enormous pleasure of doing an author interview yesterday via video chat. Not only did we laugh a lot (on camera and off) the interviewer,

Shane Thomas, author and book reviewer

really surprised me with some awesome and thought-provoking questions. (Check out his book Distant Origins here) Questions that even today, a day later I am still pondering in my head. As in, what do I really think about arranged marriages? And what do I think about gentrification? There was even a bit about loving and accepting who you are as a writer.

I appreciated that, and did I mention how much fun we had?

Next, can I just express how wonderful it was to interact ‘face to face’ with people I converse with on a near regular basis? Author Brhi Stokes stopped in, and was so witty and fun to get to know! A lovely person and brilliant author to boot, her book Caligation is an amazing addition to your TBR list!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the link:

Shane’s Book Club

(Scroll down to The Dragon Lady (They are alphabetized) and have a laugh or two! :D)


Purchase here:

The Dragon Lady





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