Slithering snake, lying through teeth

Don’t say a word, don’t even speak

Everything said, will be used against me

Innocent whispers, and judging too harshly
Puppet on a string, dance puppet dance

Friendless, alone, not worth a chance

Don’t trust anyone, everyone lies

Don’t show true colors, better to hide
 Cut the strings, someone else ties them back

Kill all the snakes, something else will attack

Refute the rumors, new ones start

Not a single person is who they say they are
Destroy the castle, tear down the wall

People waiting always for this kingdom to fall

Crumbling, crashing, inwardly falls apart

Little puppet dies, when they destroy the heart
The castle is burned, 

        the puppet dances no more

                    Silent lips are sealed, 

                                  The masks fall to the floor 


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