Twisted Intentions, First Chapter. :D

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          Willow is the kind of girl who everyone in high school ignores, she keeps to herself, and all of her attempts at trying to make friends falls flat. So she resigns herself to being alone until a gorgeous new socialite, Liana, makes Willow her BFF. The new girl has everyone at school eating out of her hand. No one knows she has a hidden agenda..and bodies are piling up.

      With school out, things get worse, not better for Willow. When Liana shows her how to do a special form of ‘magic’ and then gets angry at her for not using her ‘gift’ things turn dark.

Willow is starting to wonder just who or what her new best friend really is.

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 Kindle Version of Twisted Intentions


Chapter 1

A pencil went catapulting through the air and hit Willow squarely in the back of her head. Her wild, untamed mane followed with the turn of her head, as her eyes locked with those of the seniors, who were laughing at her expense.

Damn it,” she mumbled under her breath, trying to fight the urge to cuss them out or throw something back, like her fist. Just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks. She repeated the phrase.

She picked up the pencil and handed it to them.

“I think you dropped this.”

“Uh, I….” Varsity jacket, perfect hair… figures. He took the pencil from her hand, and she turned around.

“Something that you want to share, Ms. Enola?” Miss Donna politely questioned.

“No ma’am,” Willow responded. She heard an eruption of laughter behind her.

“Care to share what’s so funny, Ms. Enola?”

Willow hated the way Miss Donna said her last name like she was attempting to spit out a dirty word. Exhaling with the force of a sail against the wind, Willow slumped back in the chair.

“Sorry, ma’am.” Miss Donna flashed her a dirty look then turned to the blackboard. Forty-seven more days to graduate from her personal hell, appropriately named ‘Salem High School.’

With a name like that and a black panther as a mascot, there were times that she wondered if her school was trying just a little too hard to win over the goth crowd so that the staff could boast that their school was ‘diverse.’

Her fiery red hair, and blue eyes behind thick-lensed glasses, often made Willow the target of teenage teasing. The attempts to drown these out were rendered useless. What about her was so different that warranted this type of treatment?

Can I just run away? The thought swam despairingly across her mind. It’s not for lack of trying to fit in or make friends. She certainly did try. Cheerleading, theater, speech and debate, if there was a club for it. She had joined, for whatever amount of time it took for her to realize she didn’t fit. Willow simply was condemned to being the oddball out.

In fact, the harder she tried, the more people seemed to avoid her. So, eventually, Willow had stopped trying and decided that it was better to be alone, better to sulk at lunch and sit at a cold table where no one joined her, as she took a couple of bites of food before tossing it out.

It was better to stomach the disappointment on her mom’s face when she’d show up at home alone, yet again.

It was better. She wasn’t going out every weekend, drinking with other seniors and getting pulled over for a DUI. Her mother didn’t worry about the possibility of Willow becoming pregnant or catching an STD. Heck, her mom would have probably been happy if Willow was dating every weekend, not realizing that the introvert of a girl would have just felt happy just to get a cute guy to look at her.

It was better. No matter how many times she said it, it was never more believable. That night when she crawled into bed, she found her thoughts straying. It was better to be alive than dead; she just needed to keep telling herself that. She gave into the tears she’d fought off.


Once again, slumped at her desk, back against the engineered wood of the walls, Willow fought to keep her eyes open. History never held her attention. But that was all about to change.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Mr. Peretti stopped mid-sentence, just as Willow’s eyes fluttered shut.

“Er…Excuse me.” He mumbled under his breath to the class, as he rushed over to open the door. Everyone knew that Mr. Peretti enjoyed lecturing and when he was on a roll, he hated being bothered. “Yes, yes, what is it?” He curtly stated as he gripped the brass handle yanking the door open.

A shocking gasp caused a ripple effect across the room, as the stranger stepped into the classroom. A very pale-skinned girl, so pale she appeared almost ghostly, with dark tresses like a raven’s breast, cascading over her shoulders, and eyes that twinkled like the moonlight. Willow sat up straight in her seat to watch her. Good grief, she’s so pale. Has she ever seen the sunshine in her life?

The pale girl turned her head to look at Willow. Wow, creepy. The girl smiled at her.

For a second Willow wondered if the pale girl would hiss at them, exposing opalescent fangs that would drip with blood. The thought made her snicker. No more ‘Vampire Diaries’ for her. The surreal creature handed Mr. Peretti a piece of paper.

“New student?” he muttered. She nodded. He waved the girl to an empty chair. The chatter over the new girl’s arrival reached a crescendo as she stood to watch them in quiet speculation. Then, as she walked toward her seat, the class went silent, as if some invisible force had shushed them all.

Willow, intrigued by the girl’s carefree stance and the way she seemed to look directly at her, and not through her, as the rest of the school seemed to do, wondered if maybe, just maybe.

Maybe I will not finish the school year as a self-proclaimed loner after all. For the first time in months, a spark of hope found its way into her darkened existence.


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