WAPAT- Write a paragraph about this, or WASAT (sentence), WASSAT (short story), WACAT (caption)…. all fun things we do in WAPAT group on a regular basis. It’s a great way to motivate oneself to write on a regular basis, or if you’re in the mood to write, there are a ton of pictures to write about daily. 

Happy Monday Loves! I missed a few weeks so I have lots to catch up on here! Bear with me, and welcome to WAPAT blog!

In this week’s update:

  • Nanowrimo talk (what’s left of it!)
  • Writing helps (and there are many!)
  • The winner for 5,000 words Friday for the past three weeks
  •  Our featured Wapat’ers and their winning paragraphs
  •  Fun new words you can challenge yourself to use in your writing! 😀

Nanowrimo comes to a close in just a few short days! I currently am sitting at 40,000 words. How are you doing?? Did you make it to your goal?


Nanowrimo is a writing frenzy that occurs in November every year. Writer’s from across the globe participate by committing to writing 50,000 words. That works out to an average of 1667 words a day, or a little over 5k a day if you only write on Saturdays and Sundays. Mainly, it’s a great way to get you motivated to work on that WIP (work in progress) that has been formulated in the back of your mind! Interested?? It’s FREE to sign up. If you didn’t get in this year, you can still sign up and they will email you throughout the year with writing helps, and CAMPNANO dates. (A shorter 30k spree that takes place in June or July)

Nanowrimo 2016

Angelique Anderson  (If you would like to connect with someone.

Wapat Nano’ers  (writing support! Or a group to help keep you accountable.)

I am currently writing the sequel to Eden’s Serum for Nanowrimo, and I have been having a blast with it. My favorite part will be reading through it in December and doing edits! (which I used to hate) editing is always a chance to make something better.

Yes, you must edit. PLEASE… do not just write all the things, and then not edit all the things!!!!


NOW let’s get to WRITING HELPS! This should be a great section, as we have had a ton happen over the last few weeks.

Huge thank you, to Nancy Moors, who contributes so much to this for our group.  Here is what she has shared the past few weeks.

Marketing Tips

Advice for upping those holiday sales

Gifts for writers

Writing Tips

Cleaver Magazine call for submissions

Submissions for Romance writers

Common Sense Tips For online use

Questions to ask before paying writing contest fees

A basic guide to blogging

How to correct self-pub mistakes

Children’s book submissions

Submit Short Stories


Our winners for WAPAT group 5,000 word Friday the past few weeks were:

Jennifer Houdini Hicks      5,050 11/11 You can follow her here:

(Will add, when she gets back to me.)

CeeCee James    3,237  11/18  You can follow her author page here:

CeeCee James, Author

Angelique Anderson    3,703 11/25 You can follow my author page here:

Author A.S Anderson

All ladies are regular contributors to WAPAT, and amazing people to have around! Thanks CeeCee and Jennifer!! You gals rock!






And now, without further ado…. our featured WAPAT writer of the week ending 11/20



Dan Homer wins a $5 Amazon gift card to purchase the book of his choice!Winners were picked based on likes of their WAPAT! So Congratulations Dan!!

Crepuscular light clung to the typewriter, lending it a solidity beyond the norm and causing all else to fall into filth, haze, and shadow as if its absurd, overpowering presence leeched the reality from its surrounds in an abominable manner. Its keys gleamed with an anticipatory, inaudible whisper of tempting folly. An artifact like this could create gateways to dark and delicious new worlds. But at what cost?

Great WAPAT, Dan!!!!

Thank you Ashley Weinberg for donating a $5 Gift Card for Dan to purchase a book of his choice!

And Now some words to expand your vocab!




Want more writing helps, or a great place to read reviews for indie authors, check out our fellow Admin of WAPAT Groups’ Blog:

 Nancy Moor’s Blog

Other things by me.


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