W.A.P.A.T Recap and Writer Helps for 10/23-10/29

WAPAT- Write a paragraph about this, or WASAT (sentence), WASSAT (short story), WACAT (caption)…. all fun things we do in WAPAT group on a regular basis. It’s a great way to motivate oneself to write on a regular basis, or if you’re in the mood to write, there are a ton of pictures to write about daily. 

Happy Monday Loves! Welcome to WAPAT blog!

In this week’s update:

  • Nanowrimo talk
  • Writing helps
  • The winner for 5,000 words Friday,
  •  Our featured Wapat’er and their winning paragraph??
  •  Fun new words you can challenge yourself to use in your writing! 😀

So, about Nanowrimo… if you have never heard of it…let me just give you a little breakdown.


Nanowrimo is a writing frenzy that occurs in November every year. Writer’s from across the globe participate by committing to writing 50,000 words. That works out to an average of 1667 words a day, or a little over 5k a day if you only write on Saturdays and Sundays. Mainly, it’s a great way to get you motivated to work on that WIP (work in progress) that has been formulated in the back of your mind! Interested?? It’s FREE to sign up.

Nanowrimo 2016

Need a writing buddy for Nanowrimo? Add me!!

Angelique Anderson

Need support, or a group to help keep you accountable?

Wapat Nano’ers

Decided to do Nano?? I’ve included the free Fb Cover available on the Nano website that you can use as a profile pic or cover photo. 😀



NOW let’s get to WRITING HELPS!

Huge thank you, to Nancy Moors, who contributes so much to this for our group.  Here is what she has shared this week:

Creating a writing den

Romance Contest Submissions

Anthologies seeking submissions

Poetry Submissions

Submit Stories, Flash Fiction and Poetry

How to make time for writing

Writing a villain that readers will love to hate

Writing Prompts For Kids

5 Holiday marketing trends writers can use to their advantage

Submit Stories: Sci-Fi and 60’s to 70’s robots

Our winner for WAPAT group 5,000 word Friday this week was:


David is a regular contributor to Wapat, and he puts us all to shame with his dedication to writing! Congratulations David!!!! 


And now, without further ado…. our featured WAPAT writer of the week!

Randy Allen

Randy Allen wins a $5 Amazon gift card to purchase the book of his choice! Thank you, Ashley Weinberg, for contributing our prize this week!


It was 10 minutes before the biggest party of his life. Brad made sure that everything was perfect and ready for guests. The snacks and drinks were set up on the buffet table, and the Halloween decorations were done to perfection. The last thing to do was put the party sized bag of chicken wings into the microwave. The directions had said cooks in 10 minutes and the by the time they were done…the first guest would arrive. Quickly, he tossed the bag into the microwave and set the timer. Brad ran around the house to double check the preparations. Everything was good and only 1 minute to go.
But, something was crackling and sizzling from the kitchen. Brad went to check the chicken wings. As he walked through the doorway, a sudden pop and then “BOOM” blasted the microwave door open and the entire kitchen was decorated with wings and sauce.
If only he had read the directions on removing the sauce packet.

Love the humor he put into it! 😀 Thank you, Randy!! Great job!

And Now some words to expand your vocab!


Want more writing helps, or a great place to read reviews for indie authors, check out our fellow Admin of WAPAT Groups’ Blog:

 Nancy Moor’s Blog

Other things by me.


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