WAPAT group highlights and writer helps for week of 10/16-10/23

WAPAT- Write a paragraph about this, or WASAT (sentence), WASSAT (short story), WACAT (caption)…. all fun things we do in WAPAT group on a regular basis. It’s a great way to motivate oneself to write on a regular basis, or if you’re in the mood to write, there are a ton of pictures to write about daily. 


Happy Monday Loves! Welcome to WAPAT blog!

In this week’s update:

  • Nanowrimo talk
  • Writing helps
  • The winner for 5,000 word Friday,
  •  Our featured Wapat’er and their winning words…er, paragraph??
  •  Fun new words you can challenge yourself to use in your writing! 😀




So, about Nanowrimo… if you have never heard of it…let me just give you a little breakdown.

Nanowrimo is a writing frenzy that occurs in November every year. Writer’s from across the globe participate by committing to writing 50,000 words. That works out to an average of 1667 words a day, or a little over 5k a day if you only write on Saturdays and Sundays. Mainly, it’s a great way to get you motivated to work on that WIP (work in progress) that has been formulated in the back of your mind! Interested?? It’s FREE to sign up.

Nanowrimo 2016

Need a writing buddy for Nanowrimo? Add me!!

Angelique Anderson

Need support, or a group to help keep you accountable?

Wapat Nano’ers

Decided to do Nano?? I’ve included the free Fb Cover available on the Nano website that you can use as a profile pic or cover photo. 😀




NOW let’s get to WRITING HELPS!

Huge thank you, to Nancy Moors, who contributes so much to this for our group. She is probably the best writing help we could have. Here is what she has shared this week:

Submit Short Stories/Poems here!

Eleven ways to get better book reviews

One of my favorite writing helps is Grammarly. They have a free version which you can use online when you are writing on Fb, doing a blog etc… the costly version is about $135 annually. However, it is so worth every penny. It may not get 100 % of errors, and it may over correct at times. However, it is extremely helpful. I started out with the free version and loved it so much I had to get the cost version.

Grammarly Site

Image result for grammarly


Our winner for WAPAT group 5,000 word Friday this week was:

Shyla Ernsberger! She is semi-new to WAPAT group and has just dove in feet first! Congratulations Shyla!

You can follow Shyla on her FB page: Author S. M Holland


And now, without further ado…. our featured WAPAT writer of the week!

Sebi Casselano

Sebi Casselano is a very talented writer, who has been a part of WAPAT for over a year. A regular contributor to the group, I have to say his contribution to the follow, made me want to read more! Keep it up Sebi!!! 😀


She had long since embraced this part of her. Where once she would ache and angst now her heart danced with joy. She had given in. She had thrown off the chains that kept her oppressed. Finally, she was free to be her true self.

She was so grateful to the Circle of Fallen Hearts. She had found them when one of their number had approached her after her classes. They got to talking, and it was amazing how much she had in common with this person she had never met. How much they had in common!

It was not long at all before she agreed to meet the Circle. She was apprehensive at first, thinking it sounded like some cult. But her new friend assured her they were nothing like that.

So when the day came, she was nervous, but she was excited too! She had never been much for this sort of thing so that it would be an interesting, novel experience.

Her fears had been laid to rest quickly as she met the members of the Circle. There was maybe two dozen. All quite friendly. They all wore cheap ribbons near their hearts. They apparently marked their status within the Circle.

She received one herself; blue, like most of the others there. Four had white ribbons, and one person had a black and gold ribbon. This was a nice old fellow with a clean-shaven face and a balding head. He didn’t look like the most robust man, but his eyes danced with a strange sort of life.

The four with the white ribbons stood close to him at all times. The leader of the Circle. The one who had first started it. He took her along with the group on a tour of the place where the Circle gathered. It was a lovely place, well decorated most things painted white, most of the furniture was black.

She remembered how she had felt then. A faint buzzing at the back of her mind
A vague crackle along her neck. Like that feeling just before you saw something heavy slip from above about to land on you.

She giggled. She was so silly then. Like a little ‘fraidy cat.

The man had explained that the place had once been the site of something grotesque. A ritual killer had kidnapped people, the dragged them here to do unspeakable things before ending their lives.

As a result, he was able to buy the place cheap, and bill it as a haunted house when Halloween came around.

He claimed his true goal was to redeem the place. To bring it back to the people who had shunned it, and this Circle was the beginning of that goal.

She had thought it sounded weird at the time. Vague and metaphysical. But those thoughts were put to rest by the meeting that was held at the end of the tour.

He laid out in full detail what his plans were, and she was struck by how practical, and down to Earth, it was…

She chuckled. She began toying with her bracelet.

It had not been the truth. But that didn’t matter. It was very practical. If he’d said what would become of them. What would happen as a result of going to that place so frequently…always so very close to where the murders happened. Always so close to where the lights and heat did not work quite right…

Well, she might have run away. Remained a silly, scared young adult.

Nope! She was way over that.

She smiled as she flicked at the charms on her bracelet, watching and listening to the gentle tick-tack as they bumped each other.

She had learned that everyone there had something strange on their mind. Something weird. Some had done bad things. Terrible things. Things they could not let go of. Things that they could not find solace or comfort for at any house church or temple they had tried.

She had it too. She always did. But she had never actually done anything about the…urge…

It had started as something dull and stupid in the back of her mind as a teen. But it had not gone away as an adult. She never admitted to it. So its not like her parents would do anything. She kept clean. Always the perfect kid.

The Circles leader had changed that. His speeches had set off a spark in her mind. She started thinking about the world around her. The way everything had gone to shit since the quakes broke every country on Earth. How it had been pretty shit before that happened to…

How the people who had turned it to shit would turn and tell everyone else how to behave. How they got to decide what was right or wrong and people like her better obey…or else.

So…why could they do that…? Power. They had it. She did not.

The Circle leader explained that the world was far stranger than we had been taught to believe. That it had become even stranger after the quakes. That something that had allowed ‘them’ to hold power had broken…and now a chance existed for a new order to emerge…

One of freedom. Where everyone lived in true, full liberty. Leaving all inhibition behind! He invited them. He offered them a place in his strange vision. They could carve out a small place for themselves in the new world order that would soon emerge.

For many days he led them, just in singing and food and substances to alter and expand the mind, and she let it all in. She threw away her reservations.

For many more days, they strengthened their bonds. They took oaths and carved into their flesh with a strange knife that was shared between them. A knife that looked like it was made of pure shadow. Neither hot not cold.

She felt nothing when it slipped deep into her skin. Thought nothing of it when she could clearly see her bones in the wounds she had made.

The same held true for most of the others…some…well…not everyone has a strong mind. But it wasn’t like they could just leave, this was their home now. Their family, they would be taken care of. Even if they objected.

With such wounds, the leader gathered them and took them to the heart of the place. The true heart. The one the authorities had failed to find when they raided it…

Of course, they did. The spot was not one you could just hop on through. The spot could only be found by stepping into the right shadows in the right way.

He guided them there. She thought nothing of what she saw when they arrived.

Lamps and chandeliers of polished bone. Carpets made from hairy human skin. Cushions and sofas covered in leather that was also…

It was quite beautiful. All of it illuminated by amber flames from countless candles.

In the center of this place, there was a white circle on the floor. A weird, complex design.

The leader took up a spot at one point. Then the four with the white ribbons each took one of the remaining spots.

The circle shone with a cold and eerie light.

The leader explained why he had killed those people. Why he had used their bodies to fill this place. Why he had invited them here. Why they would carry on the deception that had prevented his true nature from being discovered.

They all agreed in a chant they had all memorized from the beginning. It had been trite and silly then. Much stronger and more potent now.

“By our own, we lead our way forward. We walk through they valleys and the shadows of our hearts. That we may come to know ourselves.”

Her smile grew thicker as she savored the memories. She felt her teeth press against her lips. Forcing them to part just a bit. The exposed teeth glistened in the dim light.

She watched herself in her mind’s eye as the event played out once again.

The leader called on each of them in turn, and in turn they each stepped forward. They stepped into the circle.

A ritual began.

The leader would speak then the white ribbons would speak, then the called, then again in reverse. Then the light would thicken into a darkness that seeped into the called wound, and they would scream in pain and ecstasy.

Then the called would receive their dark blessing. The first step in casting their existence as mortals behind.

Each received a different blessing. Some gained new appendages; others gained new senses. Some were changed in subtle ways. Others changed in gross ways.

Soon enough it was her turn.

The sensation of being invaded by the Dark seemed to last forever. Even when the ritual was over, she could still feel it creeping and crawling through her body. Slithering up to her head and down to her toes.

Before she stepped away, she too the time to admire her blessing. Her arm was weird and stretchy now. The veins were black. Her hand was a stretchy thing of dark material. Her fingers twisted and stretched and writhed in the air like snakes, each stretching out to twice the length of her arm…

Longer, she found if she willed it. And sharper. With a thought her fingers flattened, becoming like thick knives. She snapped them like whips in the air. Laughing at the sensation. She swore she could feel herself cleaving molecules of air.

The memory concluded into the hazy distance as her thoughts returned to the present. She smiled at the person on the cushion. They had thought they were in for a night of fun with her.

Well! She sure was having fun.

The gleam of fear in their eye. The muffled screams as her fingers began to stretch in a way that had become familiar. The person twisted and writhed but failed to break the barbed metal threads that bound them.

Her smile stretched wide. Her joy was at its peak!

Her fingers flattened into her favorite blade-form. Then she let the fly!

…it was over too quickly. Just like last time. And the time before that…and the time before that…and…

She scowled. She wanted more…

She looked at her bracelet. She licked her lips.

At least she had a new charm! She poked at it. It was a nice white color aside from the bit of metal in it. Not many cavities…

She gave it a flick. She watched and listened as the new charm clicked and clattered against its new friends…


I love it! I hope Mr. Casselano continues the story! ❤


I will leave you with a few fun words to add to your vocabulary, taken from WAPAT this week:

Anecdoche. n. A conversation in which everyone is talking, but nobody is listening, simply overlaying disconnected words like a game of Scrabble, with each player borrowing bits of other anecdotes as a way to increase their score, until we all run out of things to say.

Excogite-VERB thinks out, plan, or devise:

“scholars straining to excogitate upon subjects of which they know little”

Liripoop –1. A pendant part of the old clerical tippet; afterwards, a tippet; a scarf; – worn also by doctors, learned men, etc.

  1. Acuteness; smartness; also, a smart trick or stratagem.
  2. A silly person

Pluviophile- a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Lodestone -1 : magnetite possessing polarity. 2: something that strongly attracts.


Want more writing helps, or a great place to read reviews for indie authors, check out fellow Admin of WAPAT Groups’ Blog:

 Nancy Moor’s Blog

Other things by me.



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