When the world crashes around

Is it normal to feel such varying degrees of happiness? Followed by long bouts of deepening depression? 

Is it normal to feel like I am doing anything and everything in my power to be kind and supportive of others, yet in my life… I feel completely and utterly alone? Not that I am, I have the most awesome and supportive friends on the planet. 

How can it be possible to feel so down, so dark that I am almost positive I will not rise up from this place again? 

If I was a phoenix ready to rise from the ashes, it is no doubt I would be one that would hang around in the black balmy soot. Awaiting help from anyone willing to rescue me.

A sort of darkness has closed in on me and I feel like I can’t shake it off. Like I will be stuck here for a long time. I need help. I need grace. I need patience. 

Mostly I need someone who understands… 

My sales are down and with it, my self-esteem. We are stuck in the his house, which makes me feel like a caged animal. 

I am tired, beat down, weary and overwhelmed. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, I do. When is enough, enough?


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