The book that almost wasn’t, is!

So many mistakes, so little time. That’s my motto! 

Oh wait, no it’s not! It’s, “let’s repeat the same mistake over and over.” 

Let me rewind, back in June my hubby had an idea for a sci-fi novel. He knows how much I love vampires and immortality so he suggested I write a book related to such.

We both thought the idea of vampires had been played a little too much, plus I’m not keen on writing about bloodsucking, murderous beings. (We all know sparkly vegetarian vampires has been played out.) 

So, I knew it had to be different. Very different, thus the idea for Eden’s Serum was born. 

So I wrote the book, and did the thing. Paid to have it edited, uploaded the wrong file. Then I found computer deleted half of my files and what I had on Amazon was semi-edited release. 

I’ve don’t varying degrees of that before, so rather than risk putting up something that people could pick apart, I asked a dear friend, and highly professional editor, to take it on.

He did, with tremendous results. I couldn’t be happier. So now, I leave you with this little bit about the book. 

Eden’s Serum is an immortality serum, with a hefty price tag. Enter Adam Carpenter, pompous, have-it-all, self-absorbed Development Design President at Identitech. The top ranking technologically advanced company in the U.S. 

With everything in Adam’s life on a silver platter, immortality is the icing on the cake. A cake which he eats willingly. Then, shortly after he takes it, things start to happen. 

Adam gets sick, very sick. After a quick turn of events and a woman getting swept up into the mess that is Adam, he finds out; he’s dying.

Not to be too pessimistic, but he paid good money to live forever… What is going on? 

Now, there’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself. 

Eden’s Serum

Available now!

Purchase here!


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