The Book That Almost Wasn’t

A few weeks ago I started a story here about a book and it’s battle with the writer of said book. I am here today, to tell you that the battle is won.

I, the the champion stand complete, solidly planted here! My sword in hand! My war wounds plenty! Neigh, I have fought the battle and won! I shall traverse forward!

Not many can say that they have been to Eden, but I have. The Garden … Where Adam first leaned of good and Evil…Eve, his wayward beauty of a wife? I hold them in the palm of my hands.


When I wrote Eden’s Serum, I did not know the path it would take me on. I did not know that preventious millionaire Adam would be someone that I would actually grow to like. I did not know that Evelyn would end up being the strong one, his strength and his victory when he could not go forward.

Nonetheless, here we are. Past the finish line. What we have is an action packed story where people died… People I cared about! There was drama! There was intrigue! There was romance!!!

Then, just as I finished the last page and uploaded it to be published. Just as I breathed and said.. “Yes….it is finished”

Eden’s Serum beckons and tells me ‘no’ there is but one more to write.

*sigh* a sequel!??? So much for a book that almost wasn’t!!! 😦

Kindle version




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