Eden’s Serum… The book that changed its mind.

So, I want to tell you a little story. A story about a book that changed its mind. 

Once upon a time there was an aspiring author who wanted very badly to support her family with her books. So she began writing all the time. 

Morning, noon and night. 

She wrote on computers and tablets, writing apps on her phone and napkins. After starting a short story series of her life and not seeing the results she wanted, she decided it was time to write the book she wanted to read. 

A big fan of sci-fi, she knew that was where she wanted to start. After discussions with the man in her life (also known as the husband) she came up with an idea for a story about being immortal. She was always fascinated with immortality.. (Possibly because of the rise of vampire literature) and knew the perfect story for her would have to include that! 

Yes, she was on her way!! Sci-fi and immortality! What could go wrong? She was inspired! She was enthused!! She was a writer on a mission!!! And so, for two glorious months she whittled away on her dream sci-fi story. Enjoying every twist and turn, getting to know the characters. Falling apart at every crossroads. 

Then finally, it was finished! It was brilliant!!! It was a masterpiece! It was the book she wanted to read!! It would be everything she could possibly hope for!!! 

She shipped it off to the beta readers and then finally off to the editor. Eagerly awaiting the day it would become a finished book for all to enjoy. Then… In the dead of night… With no warning at all, Eden’s Serum beckoned from the shadows.

What? What could that be? Why would it beckon so?

Aye, a change. A change was required… 



The beginning… Not enough fire… Not enough pop! Chapter one demanded to be rewritten with the finesse and fireworks. 

The author tossed her hands in the air and cried out “why??? Why now? Why just 12 days away must you demand the changes so abruptly?!” 

And so the author and the book were in a stand off. Would the book be completed in time? Would chapter one get the bang that it needed?? Only time would tell……


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4 thoughts on “Eden’s Serum… The book that changed its mind.

  1. I wager the book will win. The book always wins, always has the last full-bellied laugh. 😩
    I’m excited about Eden’s Serum and was lucky enough to win a copy! Whatever you write will turn to gold! I’m a fan, Angelique!

    Liked by 1 person

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