Putting Yourself Out There

Dear Reader,

So, in the past few weeks since self-pubbing, I have learned more about marketing than I care to know at this moment. It is great and wonderful, and at the same time it feels a bit obnoxious. Every site is built to be social and promote, well, yourself. I basically as an author have to talk about my book or myself all day long in order to sell a copy or two. That is not how I thought it was going to be. So with that said, I just wanted to write a short little blurb and share some links with you…….

Did you know that you can start Fb pages for every book you have available? If you write different genres this is especially helpful because you can target people who like to read those genres. For example, I have a survivor series (The Little Lost Girl) which you well know. I also have a sci-fi book that will be releasing soon and I have a YA-Fantasy Fiction series that is being edited, then re-released. I have created book pages for each style of book (or series) and I have also created an author page. All apart of the online world of getting your name out there, and getting your book marketed.

I have linked my twitter account to my main author page (my friend profile) so that anything I post to Fb goes directly to twitter and vice versa. There are also platforms like smashwords, for uploading and selling digital formats of books, Klout: Which tells you how well you are doing marketing wise (you want to have a score of 70 or above)

Then there’s this blog, which is a ton of fun, watt pad to share stories, and linked in. So as you can see, posting to any of those, or trying to post to them at least once a day can be extremely time-consuming. All a part of marketing. It literally is a full-time job. Anyway, so it is extremely helpful when someone does something for me that talks about my book or me, without me having to do it myself.

Below is a link from a local book review community about my book….. It is very good and I am excited to have been included in their review process. Then you will find a review from an amazing author friend of mine who featured my book on her blog as well. Then the normal links, I.E: FB, and amazon.

Thank you to you who have had my back and are sharing and promoting for me. I am not who I am, without the support of amazing people and friends!!! ❤ ❤

Author N.W Moors

Mudville Dames Local Book Review

Little Lost Girl 1

Follow my author page


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