The Dragon Tate and the land of Publishing, a not so fairy tale about vanity publishing.

Once upon a time there was a lonely writer-knight who fought many battles of the book and indeed she conquered them all. Then she met a beautiful dragon named Tate Publishing. The Dragon promised her many riches and gold, more than she could ever imagine. Led astray by the dragon’s beauty, she gave him money to go to his beautiful land of publishing. The writer-knight toiled day and night, working for the dragon in his land. She was willing to do whatever it took to earn the dragon’s riches and used the tools he gave her to work, assured that they were the best tools in all the land. Until one day, a fellow writer-knight traveled through the land and saw her working so hard.

“Good-day fellow writing-knight! How goes it!?” He answered, his tone kind and jovial.

“It is well fellow knight, but the work is tedious and the hours are long. There is no talk of riches as I was promised. In fact, I haven’t seen the dragon since he brought me here.” She answered, her face down-trodden.

“Might I ask what about your work, and former battles?” he ventured. She shook her head.

“Good sir, I battled at the good battle of Redemption Of the Changed and succeeded. Then she lifted her tools to show him what she had worked the land with.

“Indeed, the battle of Redemption Of the Changed has been heard of far and wide, but alas, your tools are fake. They are dull, and not tended. That is why the work is so hard.

The Writer-knight was aghast. From the moment the writer-knight heard that she realized he was right. She collapsed in the field, wretchedness dripping from her eyes in the form of tears. She decided it was time to leave that land.

“Can you stay with me good sir knight Rallios? I cannot fight this battle alone.” Alas, he was gone. Never knowing how very lost and stuck she felt. She picked up her sword and dropped the blunted tools the Dragon Tate had given her. Then she gathered up her few belongings and decided to leave that horrible land full of lies and deceit. Just as she was almost away, the Dragon Tate reared its head. She realized then, how truly ugly it was, it had deceived her into coming into this awful land of  Vanity Publishing. It chained her to her spot, and the writer-knight, known as Angel, cried out for help. Her distress call went through all the land. at her very last, when she knew that the Dragon Tate would come back and gobble her up, an army came riding it with the dawn.

Her call had been heard!! The great knight K. Arthur was the first to show his head, his expertise on dragons quite extraordinary. He offered her his services and knowledge in taking them down. Then right behind him, another knight appeared. Known throughout the land as Sir R. De’Amorelli… her offered her the tools, the right tools to fight her way out of the land and break her chains with the evil dragon Tate, in this deceitful land of vanity publishing.

The Lady Angel was able to escape the evil Dragon Tate and ride off and escape, but not before seeing another Knight being dragged in.

“I say Knight-writer, what is your name?” She called out.

“I am known as Sir T. Allen, and I fought the battle of Apocalypses Orphan.” Sir Tim had a larger sword than she had and she wondered what brought him here.

“Sir Tim, why have you followed the Dragon here? Did you give him your riches?”

“No, fellow knight-writer. He has brought me to this land to see for myself the riches that await.” The lady Angel approached him,

“listen to me fellow knight-writer, it is a trap. If you pay him for the riches he promises, you will never see those riches again, please trust me! I am escaping this land, come, let us journey away together.”

“Yes, I have been told as such from the great R. De’Amorelli. I suppose I shall away from this place.”

With that, the lady Angel, and her fellow knights journeyed out of the poisonous land of Vanity Publishing, never to look back. Along the way, she has met many friends and traveled to many lands. None stays in her mind with such poison as the land of Vanity Publishing. It is said this day, that she has since fought other battles, smaller ones known as the Little Lost Girl, book 1, battle. With the help of her fellow knight-writers, she was able to conquer it well. She is currently off fighting the battle of Little Lost Girl: book 2, and hopes to be home in a couple weeks. Until then she finds her joy and riches in the land known as Createspace, in the great kingdom of Amazon.

The End.

Hear of the Battle of Little Lost Girl, Book 1.. Here


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