Vanity publishing, and what comes after.

Dear Reader,

Yesterday my book released on kindle. Still waiting on Amazon for the paperback version to be available. Which is very exciting! Right? I’ve been to this place before. Sadly, I published a book through a vanity publisher just recently in March. Then I discovered, after the fact, that what was published was a horribly edited chopped up version of my book. After much hassle with them, no royalties paid, and no money back for the amount I had invested, I felt like my world crumbled a little.

I fought with them for weeks to cancel my contract on the basis of many things that had failed to provide, and after being bullied by them, before they finally canceled my contract, I got to the point where I didn’t want to even write anymore. I very nearly gave up.

Then, a friend I met and connected with told me about her book. A book about her journey through foster care, and being that I used to be in foster care I was intrigued. As we talked for a bit, I felt myself coming out of my writing slump and I knew that I needed to share my story.

My life story. Even with all of its little painful pitfalls and sad points, I realized that just as much as people needed to hear what she went through, they needed to hear what I went through too. There is a great disconnect that comes from hiding ourselves behind these masks that we wear, and it is time to stop hiding.

So that is what I decided to do. I decided to stop hiding. Book one is my attempt to remove the mask, and the ones to follow will be my attempt to show why I felt the need for the mask in the first place, from abandonment, abuse, moving a lot, parents and their addictions, and mental illness to finally finding my happy ever after, The Little Lost Girl Series will be gritty and honest.

Don’t worry though, I have my happily ever after…… at least as happy as this life can be. šŸ™‚ I don’t think you can find a real happy ever after until you can take off the mask.

Anyway, here is the link to purchase my book off amazon, and if you need a review, you can go to the link below it and check out my friends blog. The first person to read the full manuscript, even though I had sent out samples. šŸ˜€

This is a good friend, and a very talented writer whose work I respect and look up to very much!!!! So excited she did a review of my book!!


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