Into the rabbit hole we go……

Hello Readers,

I adore blogging and connecting with you in real and tangible ways. This is just another way for me to do that, and to share my journey through ‘The Little Lost Girl’ series. I hope you do not misread my intentions about publishing my story. I do not think I am better than anyone, or that people need to hear my story more than they need to hear anyone else’s. I simply know that I have had a burden to share my life in a way that reaches people, from the moment I became an adult.

My husband and I used to hang out with homeless people when we only had two children and more time on our hands. We would listen to their stories, and it always hit me so hard. A lot of them, like me, had hit some really rough patches in their life and simply had found themselves taking steps in a series of events that led them to alcohol abuse, drug abuse or etc…. From there, it was a downward spiral and then they were on the streets. These same people had similar things happen in their life, that happened in mine. Which really bothered me.

As a former foster child, truthfully, I just got lucky. When I was 16 my dad passed away, and that opened up the door for my birth mother to find me and bring me to California, where I currently live. The sad truth is, if she hadn’t come for me, I would have aged out of foster care, and would have lived on the streets the moment I turned 18, because then, they didn’t have laws to protect foster youth. Sadly, that is the story of some of the homeless…… Amid the vets with PTSD, the prostitutes just trying to get through the day, and the scores of other adults who have fallen on hard times, there are foster kids who aged out and spent so much time on the streets they didn’t know any better. Now they are stuck there.

What does that have to do with ‘The Little Lost Girl,” you may be asking? Well, I am not exactly sure, except that I know that when we see ourselves above someone else, we begin to lack compassion. When we lack compassion, we begin to fail as a people. Through my blog, through the series, I hope you will take this ride with me and learn alongside me as we seek to discover the meaning of the word, and many others like it. I hope through my story, perhaps other people will find the courage to share their own. perhaps through that, we can get back to being the loveliest version of ourselves, people who are human, who care and have concern for others, and long to see everyone have the best.  Here is the white rabbit, Alice. Are you coming?



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